Ok so two days down, 5 and a half weeks to go which I know is just going to fly in especially once I start getting more involved in the classes.

I’m finding it a bit more difficult fitting in with the department this time out, even though there’s more people in it. I’m just not settled, but ask me again in a weeks time and things will probably have changed.

I’m going to have to sit down and work on my lessons for Automated Systems standard grade for 4th year classes that I’ve not really been in with yet (one of the classes was in today). I’ve got until the week after the assignment 1 resubmission which will give me a bit of time to deal with that first.

3rd years are very strange this time round, my previous placement had 2 mixed ability levels for standard grade and higher, not this time round, now it appears to have been streamed and I’m with the opposite ends of the spectrum which means totally different lesson plans, totally different techniques. I’ve seen the class teacher loose it with them already so I’ll need to watch my temper!

Now for the second years, these are the kids I’m hoping to get involved with blogging so watch this space for more on that as it develops.

The school is also trying to set up a multi-media club which it seems podcasting could be something they will look at while I’m with them which would be fun.

At present the school is preparing for an influx of pupils next year due to the closure of another local high school so I was invited to a meeting to discuss concerns about the various issues arising. Basically all that happened was a lot of questions and no real answers.

This has been a really long winded blog and so for the benefit of those still reading and nodding off I’ll leave it at that. (Which I nearly did in a higher class yesterday…lol)


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