Ok so i’m feeling a bit better about this placement now, i’ve taught 2 lessons on DTP which i think went really well, had them doing the theory however i ran through my slides far too fast, i tend to speak far to fast at times and when i know i’m running out of things to talk about i get a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach but improvisation is a great thing. The second lesson went far went far better, i cleared up some confusion and went over some more theory before backing everything up with a practical activity so things are looking up.

I’ve even got some marking to do for an assesment i gave an S2 class last week, and i’ll get to run the assesment with 2 other classes this week so even more marking…yay! 😦

I’ve been trying to think of good stuff to do about automated systems which i’m to do with 4th years for 3 weeks – All theory! All i can think of so far is a couple of video’s like robot wars for the robotics section and i’ve got a great one for introducing automated systems with wallace and grommit after that i’m dead in the water…lol

It’s been nice to see COMAL being used again, it’s such a great little programming language but getting the classes to do the analysis and design first is a bit of a problem, i’m getting used to being asked for help with a program and wehn i ask to see the analysis and design for some reason they say they find it easier to program without it and work backwards…AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHH!

I’ve also has my 3rd crit arranged and would u believe it it’s on friday the 17th, date of resubmission of assignment 1 and the day after my birthday so i guess my night will be a quiet one this year, just need to make up for it on the friday night!

I’ll stop boring you now,

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