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So the crit is done, I managed to get through it with a little help from a friend known as the robosapien. I used an interactive worksheet during it and david asked me to post it for others to use I haven’t forgotten about this i’m just refining in before putting it up for the world to scrutinise. *EDIT – Posted on first class 28/02/06*

This week was quite interesting. Although it was week four it was only the second full week at the school. The PT of the department as just gone off sick and it looks like he won’t be back by the time my school report is due so it will be interesting to see how this gets sorted out.

The school is getting a visit from the charter mark people on monday and have decided to visit my class period 1, the the class that always has network problems.

There are 3 computing classrooms in this school and they’re furnished as follows –

1 PC room with 20 PC’s ( Do not get to teach in this room )
2 Mac Rooms
– 1 with 20 Imacs
– 1 with 20 Emacs

Now the Imacs work perfectly but the Emacs for some reason just don’t want to work. the school has bought all new pc’s but are waiting until the higher programming coursework has been completed before converting the remaining two rooms

Not all the pupils have problems with the network which poses the question what do the pupils who have problems do if they cannot access the materials to do the work? how do i make sure all members of the class can do the same work? and with no ICT co-ordinator to help sort the issues (The PT has been doing that job) I’m slightly worried!

Well I’ll stop boring you all now,

PS – I’ve edited the blog links at the side so they should all now be in alphabetical order if I have missed anyone from the list please leave me a comment and i’ll be happy to add it.

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  1. How did the Chartermark visit go, Andy? The network set-up sounds horrendous. At least you’re comfortable with Macs.(Glad the crit went well. Had mine today. Went well, too.)

  2. Glad the crit went well Andy. Clearly you had a tutor with great wisdom and clarity of thought… and one that was lusting after the Robospien! (I wonder if my Head of Department will spring for the money to buy one?)Networking problems are a pain. When they work, networks are brilliant, but if something goes squiffy… Hope everything is going well in the PTs absence.Thanks for posting the worksheet.

  3. Not a problem david. i’m happy to share any resources but it would be useful to have some feedback on it.As for the robosapien, I don’t think it’s been the same since it’s been under your lustful eye however i do think it was a great way to show parts of a robot working.I just wish I’d more time to get used to it and make it’s involvement more meaningful. I may well have to think about buying one of them.

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