Placement 2

So here we are, the end of placement 2. It’s quite scary but on the
brightside I’m looking forward to a “break” when we return to jordanhill on

Anyone who has read the first few posts I made will be aware that I was quite
worried about this placement, but I have to say it’s been good for me.
I’ve had the chance to work with pupils using macs and not PC’s with
windows, I’ve had many server problems, Lost my temper a few times and
that’s just been today…LOL

I have also had the chance to try out new techniques and new ideas, I’ve
seen some work well, I’ve seen some fall flat on their face but overall
I’ve enjoyed this placement.

With 2 fourth year classes I tried some peer assessment.
The class were to make up questions for the other tables to answer.
With one class it worked quite well, with the second some of the pupils
responded well to it, others didn’t.
What I have taken away from these lessons is that when I try it again take
more time to explain the task and have more support in place for any
pupils not interested or not taking part.

With my second year classes I introduced a five second countdown, they had
five seconds to stop turn around and face the board, rather than having me
shouting at them to all turn round and be quiet. With all classes it
worked well but I’m sure I can make more refinements to it

Third year was an experience I’ll not forget in a hurry, one class were good, the other was nuts. I really wasn’t sure how to tackle the class and when I did what I tried didn’t work. Did anyone else encounter a class like this?

Well that’s all for now, only 4 more classes to teach then it’s all over.


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  1. Glad you enjoyed your placement, Andy.I never got to teach S4 — never even saw them being taught — because they were all frantically doing their coursework tasks.The peer assessment sounds interesting. I might get a chance to do that with S3 when I go back in May.Thankfully, I wasn’t subjected to any completely unruly classes. My S2s were simply sullen, if you know what I mean — I usually got the silent treatment, the “go ahead — try and teach us” treatment.

  2. P.S. I read your brave (but doomed) attempt to promote blogging on FirstClass. I guess some students just don’t want to be reflective.

  3. Hey someone had to stick up for it, blogging isn’t going to go away. I feel it is/could become a very powerful tool in teaching and it’s an area i’m interested in exploring.For those who are open minded enough to try it great, for those who don’t want to thats completely their own decision

  4. Re third year classes – they are notoriously difficult. No NQs to focus individuals on work and a rush of hormones to exacerbate any problems in the classroom. I was one once (only briefly though) and don’t remember being as “challenging” in the classroom, however the ravages of time have affected my memory and I could well be wrong.Having taken time off (I should be working on Assignment 2) to read Andy’s blog (and very good it was too) I shall now return to my “bete noire” but I will be back!Keep blogging…

  5. Thanks Fi fi.Good to know I’ve got a returning visitor…lol.Now i think i’d better get back to the wonderful assignment as well

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