East Lothian here I come!

Well about 6 months ago i ticked a little box on a form that said i’d go anywhere for money (Yes I’m greedy so sue me). The votes have been cast, the results counted and verified. I’ve been assigned to East Lothian. I’m still awaiting word on what school exactly but it’s gonna be one of six so watch this space…

That’s the APD assignment complete (Part 2 is ready to be handed in now) the C&P classes have pretty much wrapped up and everything else is a distant memory so to quote another blogger it does seem as if the “The guns … they’ve stopped!”

It’s been an insanely fast ride since august, and next year’s not gonna get any slower.

After speaking with the C&P tutors David Muir informed me that my new LEA are going to be giving every student in the area a blog so it looks like I’ve landed myself in a very ICT friendly authority.

Well when I have more information I’ll put it up here.

Until next time folks!

3 Days left!

Well thats the last of the tutor visits complete and the school report is already in so all thats left is to get assignment 3 completed.

In the hope that he reads this David when was it you quoted the phrase “Stunningly useful” originally? I’ve heard it many times through the year and would like to use it for this assignment and just want to make sure i get my reference right for the essay.

i’ve been looking at the internet with my S2 classes this time round, specifically Malicious software which I’ve quite enjoyed.

S3 have been going through a small section of Commercial Data Processing so that I could do a research project but they are now starting to work through the fan letter project on publisher.

It’s time to start the last week of placements and it doesn’t seem that long ago we were getting ready to start placement 1! i’m gonna be sad to leave the school once again but i’m really excited to find out where i’ll be going next year.

To anyone that is still to have their visit, what you doing reading this? (Only kidding) good luck.

The end is in sight!

It’s been a while!

it’s been almost a month since my last post so i thought i better put something up.

Placement 3 is now well underway, only 8 teaching days left for me, and in that time the 3rd and final assignment for the course. For me the assignment is all about ICT. I can hear the cries of “That’s easy for you” but knowing me I have to make my life difficult.

The crit date is set, and hopefully i’ll feel a bit better once that’s out the way.

Everything in the school seems to be winding down, the senior school are off for exams, the teachers are more relaxed, there’s still plenty of work to be done though.

the 2nd years are currently looking at the internet, and for all my grand ideas for lessons with blogs, podcasts the same problems keep coming up…
my account’s locked out,
I don’t know my username / password

so trying to teach about the internet and email when some of the class can’t actually use it becomes a slight problem.

As i’m writing this i’m working through 3 different things so I think i’ll leave this for now.