It’s been a while!

it’s been almost a month since my last post so i thought i better put something up.

Placement 3 is now well underway, only 8 teaching days left for me, and in that time the 3rd and final assignment for the course. For me the assignment is all about ICT. I can hear the cries of “That’s easy for you” but knowing me I have to make my life difficult.

The crit date is set, and hopefully i’ll feel a bit better once that’s out the way.

Everything in the school seems to be winding down, the senior school are off for exams, the teachers are more relaxed, there’s still plenty of work to be done though.

the 2nd years are currently looking at the internet, and for all my grand ideas for lessons with blogs, podcasts the same problems keep coming up…
my account’s locked out,
I don’t know my username / password

so trying to teach about the internet and email when some of the class can’t actually use it becomes a slight problem.

As i’m writing this i’m working through 3 different things so I think i’ll leave this for now.


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  1. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate at the moment!It has been up bit frustrating up here just now as classes are always being cancelled due to Enterprise, Springboard, and Outdoor activities. Keeping busy though as I was away on Primary visits with the guidance team to the rural schools and away to Dingwall Academy for a PT’s convention on Friday…oh and not to mention my Crit on Thursday!!!!Enjoy the rest of your placement!

  2. I can sympathise with the “I don’t know my password” excuse. While on placement, Jordanhill decided to reset my e-mail password! And didn’t tell me. Gee, thanks guys. (I thought I’d been locked out for sending spam … not that I send <>much<> spam, of course.)Hope the crit went well. (Or “Good luck”, if you haven’t had it yet.)

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