Well under way

A tried and trusted method of getting 15,16,17 and 18 year old kids to be quiet, Is something so simple that you will not believe me.

Quite simply all you need to do is ask them a question.

The higher group has been quite a daunting experience so far. I’ve been worried about the class for a while mainly because of the artificial intelligence module but now it just seems like they’re not getting anything I’m talking about.

The computer systems topic is a very dry one and involves lots of written work and questions.

The two support teachers I am working with and share my higher groups with are doing different subjects, one is doing AI the other is doing Software Development.

The plus points to this method are that when it comes time for me to teach these subjects with the classes that haven’t covered it already the materials are ready and waiting to be used.

The class is a mixed ability class as well as mixed level (Higher/Int2) which also worries me but the decision that has been made is that we will teach to the higher course which incorporates all of the Int 2 course just to a more demanding level. While this may be ok for now I’m worried that the pupils who are Int 2 level will struggle to pick out what they need to know.

Anyone got any advice on this???