I remember reading in another blog that it was their worst fear that the pupils find their blog, 
well that’s exactly what happened to me. 

Not only did they locate this blog (Not very difficult to do right enough) and through this my personal E-mail address.They were also able to locate my MySpace account. so after a night of panic the email account is now dead and so is the myspace account however the blog is still alive and I’ve been in 2 minds about continuing with this one or starting a fresh version however there should be no problem with this since i’d never write anything down I didn’t want people to read.

Finally moved into my flat, strange experience now living away from home but it had had to happen eventually.

Onto the important things…School.

1st and 2nd years are coming to an end of their business studies course and are coming into the computing section. I feel more comfortable knowing that this is going to be my subject now and not something I’m not trained in.

S3 are moving onto Spreadsheets this week and I think i’m going to borrow a technique from Bart and do the MnM’s lesson. Will post once i’ve tried this although I do have one question, do I buy the small bags or the big bags of Mnm’s

S4 are almost at their prelims so its theory for the next couple of weeks.

S5&6 I will be doing artificial intelligence when we start back I think, this may change though. Thankfully the scholar passwords are now with the pupils which takes some pressure off me, all we need now is the internet speed upgrade to be completed.