Well after years of resisting I’ve finally bought something from ebay, actually 3 things so far. 

It really is quite addictive and even if you don’t win, those last few moments of an auction where you drive the price right up make loosing ok.

whoever won it isn’t getting as much of a bargain as they thought they would and you’ve not lost any money.

Today is the final day of the holiday and so it’s back to school tomorrow. This term it’s time to finish the core units and set about the courseworks. This should be fun!

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  1. Hey, Mr McSwan! Still hanging in there. My school server blocks anything that mentions “blog”, so I haven’t really been keeping in touch.Out of my 17 4th year Int 2 Computing pupils, 10 failed their prelim, and 5 have been downgraded to Int 1.And my 8 5th year Int 2 Computing pupils are not at all interested in studying. Their prelim is tomorrow and, although I remain optimistic, I’m not sure the success rate is going to be as good as the 4th years.Depressed? Moi?

  2. <>Update<>: top mark (by a long way) was 40%; three of ’em got 25%, and one managed an astonishing 2%. So, I guess it’ll be a crash course in Int 1 Computing for all of them. Ah, joy.

  3. I accisentally hit reject on this comment from David so here it isDavid has left a new comment on your post “1/07/2007 09:58:00 AM”: Hello AndyAny chance of an update before Easter? I really enjoyed your report on December 23 – kind of a state of the union posts showing your progress so far.Hope things are still going well. Publish this comment. Reject this comment. Moderate comments for this blog. Posted by David to The best is yet to come at 2/14/2007 07:16:07 AM

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