Well it’s the end of a very quick teaching year, I’ve seen 2 higher / Int 2 classes through to their exam and one 4th year class.

I now feel I understand the phrase “two term dash”.

over the last few weeks I have been looking at graphics with the new S3 Standard Grade pupils and to do this I created a small investigation where they created a new school logo. to do this they used a drawing package and from here they transferred it into a paint package. The investigation then began incorporating computer systems by looking at file sizes and backing storage devices. This seems to have worked well however may have been a bit early to bring in bits and bytes.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been letting the pupils use Scratch, an excellent games programming language from MIT. Pupils from 3rd through to 6th year have been using it and seem to have taken to it well. It’s definately more fun than visual basic.

I had been using a class blog with the higher and Int2 pupils which worked well, however I will set up an online drop box for pupils to send me their homework electronically when I make use of it in future classes.

S1 parents evening tonight so if you’ll excuse me, I’m away to warm up my voice.