How much would I like to attend this learning conference in London and get a free Nintendo DS!!!

I like the idea of using video games in teaching (Vital problem soving skills) but for some reason I can’t imagine starting off my classes by saying “OK take out your DS and play exercise ….”

Hopefully I will get to try out some games modules soon (The SNES, N64 and PS2 are on standby). I am starting in a new job (Permanent) in Gairloch High School and have some scope in my timetable to try out individual modules and introduce new initiatives and will post details here after they are complete.

If anyone has any experience with these modules drop me a line and let me know!

The new job will be an amazing experience, it looks like a very supportive school and I’ll have very different challenges to what I’ve experienced here in East Lothian and am looking forward to gaining experience in a new authority.

I’m aiming to make a new post by the end of June but please don’t shoot me if I don’t manage it!