Computing for Girls

I hadn’t planned on making a post during the holidays but as it seems I’m having a quiet day in watching cartoons with my cousin (so far Over the Hedge, Cars and Ice Age 2) I’ve been able to do some reading from the BBC website. They’ve posted a news article called Girls geek out over dinner it got me thinking about an after-school program called CC4G.

It’s not something I’ve seen in any of the schools I’ve worked in and regrettably not something I’ve implemented myself although I don’t think I’d ever be the best person to talk about fashion and celebrities with them. I wonder if this is something for the universities in Scotland to be thinking about, during my time working in East Lothian I attended meetings where Strathclyde and Edinburgh Universities and they were looking for ways to get more pupils to take up computing so this could be a market for them.

2 responses to “Computing for Girls

  1. In my opinion i think the CC4G operation is fantastic, the girls need a chance to take up new IT skills. Its just what they need, i say it is made compulsory across England in secondry schools, it will do the next generation of girls a great favour.

  2. As I’ve said I like the idea behind it, I think it’s a great way of getting girls involved, not too sure about the whole compulsory thing though.With the shake up of the exam system in Scotland I can only see it existing as extra curricular and not a core course.

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