Latest happenings!

The last few weeks have been very busy. Last week during the February holiday my wife and I welcomed our first child into the world, mini-McSwan (affectionately named “little bit”) has caused a few late nights.

Workwise the rolling stone of things to do kept rolling. Higher / Int 2 courseworks, Scratch programming and Animation with S2, sharing the power of Google apps to S1s however it’s the S3 classes that are the really interesting ones this week. On Monday the pupils participated in a workshop with Andy McKechnie which gave me an idea for an impromptu lesson. 2 Computing classes were joined together to make some video or audio podcasts explaining what happened in the workshop, cue 10 groups armed with video cameras and microphones explaining their views on what happened. this let to many pupils playing about with software they hadn’t used before and some brilliant results. Hopefully we’ll be able to persuade some of the pupils to have their work posted on the school website but time will tell.

In October the revisecomputing site disappeared and I’m very pleased to have brought all the materials back with the help of a few friends and this week launched the new site We hope to create a resource site usable for all computing departments in Scotland (and beyond) that covers the new courses and we’ve already made a change by introducing some revision videos for the current Higher course into the site as well as bringing back all the revision games (500+).

In other good news Runrev have reached their kickstarter target and so their LiveCode programming language will now become opensource and available for all learners. Having used this language since August I’m a big fan and looking forward to the developments that this will bring to teaching computing and with that in mind I’ll leave you all with this tasty little morsel: #csmatters

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