Back to School

Below you’ll find the start of a post I was writing on Saturday but didn’t get round to finish, With this now being tuesday a few things have changed.

Well I’ve enjoyed a good 2 week break this holiday and this week it’s back to work. Monday will be a school in-service day with lots of activities however I’m really looking forward to Tuesday as I’ll be taking part in Highland council’s CEOP training course.

I was first introduced to CEOP last year while working at Musselburgh Grammar, I attended one of Ollie Bray’s very successful internet safety talks as an “Expert” for parents to talk to during the break and was very impressed with the materials and believe it’s a great course to deliver.

Due to unforeseen circumstances (Mainly the Snow, me skidding on it and putting my car into a ditch) meant I was unable to attend the training course so it’s back to the drawing board.

I had plans for the pupils this week but am now a bit behind in what I wanted to prepare for them myself so the next post I put up will have more details about the new work the pupils are doing.

Until then I’m going to rest up.