3 Days left!

Well thats the last of the tutor visits complete and the school report is already in so all thats left is to get assignment 3 completed.

In the hope that he reads this David when was it you quoted the phrase “Stunningly useful” originally? I’ve heard it many times through the year and would like to use it for this assignment and just want to make sure i get my reference right for the essay.

i’ve been looking at the internet with my S2 classes this time round, specifically Malicious software which I’ve quite enjoyed.

S3 have been going through a small section of Commercial Data Processing so that I could do a research project but they are now starting to work through the fan letter project on publisher.

It’s time to start the last week of placements and it doesn’t seem that long ago we were getting ready to start placement 1! i’m gonna be sad to leave the school once again but i’m really excited to find out where i’ll be going next year.

To anyone that is still to have their visit, what you doing reading this? (Only kidding) good luck.

The end is in sight!

It’s been a while!

it’s been almost a month since my last post so i thought i better put something up.

Placement 3 is now well underway, only 8 teaching days left for me, and in that time the 3rd and final assignment for the course. For me the assignment is all about ICT. I can hear the cries of “That’s easy for you” but knowing me I have to make my life difficult.

The crit date is set, and hopefully i’ll feel a bit better once that’s out the way.

Everything in the school seems to be winding down, the senior school are off for exams, the teachers are more relaxed, there’s still plenty of work to be done though.

the 2nd years are currently looking at the internet, and for all my grand ideas for lessons with blogs, podcasts the same problems keep coming up…
my account’s locked out,
I don’t know my username / password

so trying to teach about the internet and email when some of the class can’t actually use it becomes a slight problem.

As i’m writing this i’m working through 3 different things so I think i’ll leave this for now.


Easter, what a great time to have a holiday!

We’ve been off for the last 2 weeks and what have I done with the time…NOTHING!!!

This probably wasn’t the best thing I could have done with my time but I just haven’t been able to motivate myself into getting up before 1pm…lol

The deadline for changing my mind has passed and I’m now locked into going anywhere next year, well anywhere in Scotland that the GTC decide to send me (Providing I complete the course successfully!). It’s a pretty scary thought, to up and leave everything and everyone behind. The week leading up to the deadline I had a worrying feeling about it but almost everyone I talked to about it said it was a great idea and that I should go, I’m unsure if they just want rid of me for the year or if they generally think it’s a good idea…LOL.

So now I’m waiting to hear where I’m being sent before planning my summer. The GTC have said we’ll be told by the 26th of May which is a pretty significant day, the end of placement 3, recall day 3 and it’s the day assignment 3 is due…Talk about things happening at once!

Well if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go back to doing nothing.




After reading the above article I felt like sharing my thoughts. Bullying in schools has always been a huge problem and it appears to be something that will never go away. Since the main theme of the article is centred around the use of technology it got me thinking (Very dangerous i know).

While out on school experience 1 there was an issue between 2 young pupils that at one time were best of friends. After a major falling out issues started to arrise outside of school, so the question is who’s responsibility is it to sort this out. The pastoral care teacher from my point of view did everything he could, he tried to report it up the school but as it was out of school there was nothing they could do about it, his next step was to explain to the parent how to stop the messages getting through on Instant messaging software (Which will remain nameless).

I honestly can’t think of any other steps he could have taken. It is possible that if the school had gotten more involved at an earlier stage the problems could have been sorted out but when it is not happening in school hours what can they do?

In a general sense what more can be done to protect children online, Should an internet security class be a mandatory thing for parents as well as pupils?

Any thoughts?

Playing Catchup

Well that’s assignment 2 done, all thats left to do is hand the damn thing into the office along with everyone else in the morning.

Looks like we’ve got a bit of an easy week coming up, The final principles class on monday, a day trip to the universities main campus on tuesday, coupled with a long lie and finally APD on wednesday then I’m off until the 18th of april WOOOOO!

The really scary thing is that we’re so close to the end of this course. With 11 weeks to go, two of these are holidays, four are on placement and we all know how quickly those weeks will pass, where has the year gone???

I also should make note of the fact i’ve now had over 100 people check out my blog so thanks for reading, I hope I’ve not bored you too much!

Not really much else to report for now i’m afraid

Good luck to everyone with Assignment 2


Placement 2

So here we are, the end of placement 2. It’s quite scary but on the
brightside I’m looking forward to a “break” when we return to jordanhill on

Anyone who has read the first few posts I made will be aware that I was quite
worried about this placement, but I have to say it’s been good for me.
I’ve had the chance to work with pupils using macs and not PC’s with
windows, I’ve had many server problems, Lost my temper a few times and
that’s just been today…LOL

I have also had the chance to try out new techniques and new ideas, I’ve
seen some work well, I’ve seen some fall flat on their face but overall
I’ve enjoyed this placement.

With 2 fourth year classes I tried some peer assessment.
The class were to make up questions for the other tables to answer.
With one class it worked quite well, with the second some of the pupils
responded well to it, others didn’t.
What I have taken away from these lessons is that when I try it again take
more time to explain the task and have more support in place for any
pupils not interested or not taking part.

With my second year classes I introduced a five second countdown, they had
five seconds to stop turn around and face the board, rather than having me
shouting at them to all turn round and be quiet. With all classes it
worked well but I’m sure I can make more refinements to it

Third year was an experience I’ll not forget in a hurry, one class were good, the other was nuts. I really wasn’t sure how to tackle the class and when I did what I tried didn’t work. Did anyone else encounter a class like this?

Well that’s all for now, only 4 more classes to teach then it’s all over.


Update time

So the crit is done, I managed to get through it with a little help from a friend known as the robosapien. I used an interactive worksheet during it and david asked me to post it for others to use I haven’t forgotten about this i’m just refining in before putting it up for the world to scrutinise. *EDIT – Posted on first class 28/02/06*

This week was quite interesting. Although it was week four it was only the second full week at the school. The PT of the department as just gone off sick and it looks like he won’t be back by the time my school report is due so it will be interesting to see how this gets sorted out.

The school is getting a visit from the charter mark people on monday and have decided to visit my class period 1, the the class that always has network problems.

There are 3 computing classrooms in this school and they’re furnished as follows –

1 PC room with 20 PC’s ( Do not get to teach in this room )
2 Mac Rooms
– 1 with 20 Imacs
– 1 with 20 Emacs

Now the Imacs work perfectly but the Emacs for some reason just don’t want to work. the school has bought all new pc’s but are waiting until the higher programming coursework has been completed before converting the remaining two rooms

Not all the pupils have problems with the network which poses the question what do the pupils who have problems do if they cannot access the materials to do the work? how do i make sure all members of the class can do the same work? and with no ICT co-ordinator to help sort the issues (The PT has been doing that job) I’m slightly worried!

Well I’ll stop boring you all now,

PS – I’ve edited the blog links at the side so they should all now be in alphabetical order if I have missed anyone from the list please leave me a comment and i’ll be happy to add it.


Friday was an in-service day in the school which was cool but it’s a very eery feeling being in a school when there are no kids there. The best comment of the day goes to my old physics teacher who said “I bet you thought we did nothing on these in-service days” quite frankly i did think that, and given that all we students did was spend the day in meetings I still think that! I know next year I’ll be working more on days like that though and that we didn’t get to see all the work being carried out.

We were given talks about the probation year, discipline and behaviour management which were all very informative as well as that we were given the chance to participate in discussions regarding new policies for the school, most of the students ended up in the same room.

I’m trying to plan my lessons for the week which include spreadsheets for second year, automated systems for 4th year, word processing for one of the 3rd year classes and my crit but i keep getting distracted…(Damn internet). If anyone has any advice on spicing spreadsheets or automated systems up please let me know, the best i’ve got so far is a short video of Wallace and Gromit to try and grab their attention.

I have however today managed to get video’s ready for the classes to watch but i’m not sure how much use they actually are.

I’m quite worried about taking over one of the 3rd year classes, they’ve been up and down like a yoyo over the past 2 weeks and it’s been very difficult to step in, even the class teacher has trouble with them and has co-op lessons with the class.

Anyway i best get back to work!


Ok so i’m feeling a bit better about this placement now, i’ve taught 2 lessons on DTP which i think went really well, had them doing the theory however i ran through my slides far too fast, i tend to speak far to fast at times and when i know i’m running out of things to talk about i get a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach but improvisation is a great thing. The second lesson went far went far better, i cleared up some confusion and went over some more theory before backing everything up with a practical activity so things are looking up.

I’ve even got some marking to do for an assesment i gave an S2 class last week, and i’ll get to run the assesment with 2 other classes this week so even more marking…yay! 😦

I’ve been trying to think of good stuff to do about automated systems which i’m to do with 4th years for 3 weeks – All theory! All i can think of so far is a couple of video’s like robot wars for the robotics section and i’ve got a great one for introducing automated systems with wallace and grommit after that i’m dead in the water…lol

It’s been nice to see COMAL being used again, it’s such a great little programming language but getting the classes to do the analysis and design first is a bit of a problem, i’m getting used to being asked for help with a program and wehn i ask to see the analysis and design for some reason they say they find it easier to program without it and work backwards…AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHH!

I’ve also has my 3rd crit arranged and would u believe it it’s on friday the 17th, date of resubmission of assignment 1 and the day after my birthday so i guess my night will be a quiet one this year, just need to make up for it on the friday night!

I’ll stop boring you now,

Ok so two days down, 5 and a half weeks to go which I know is just going to fly in especially once I start getting more involved in the classes.

I’m finding it a bit more difficult fitting in with the department this time out, even though there’s more people in it. I’m just not settled, but ask me again in a weeks time and things will probably have changed.

I’m going to have to sit down and work on my lessons for Automated Systems standard grade for 4th year classes that I’ve not really been in with yet (one of the classes was in today). I’ve got until the week after the assignment 1 resubmission which will give me a bit of time to deal with that first.

3rd years are very strange this time round, my previous placement had 2 mixed ability levels for standard grade and higher, not this time round, now it appears to have been streamed and I’m with the opposite ends of the spectrum which means totally different lesson plans, totally different techniques. I’ve seen the class teacher loose it with them already so I’ll need to watch my temper!

Now for the second years, these are the kids I’m hoping to get involved with blogging so watch this space for more on that as it develops.

The school is also trying to set up a multi-media club which it seems podcasting could be something they will look at while I’m with them which would be fun.

At present the school is preparing for an influx of pupils next year due to the closure of another local high school so I was invited to a meeting to discuss concerns about the various issues arising. Basically all that happened was a lot of questions and no real answers.

This has been a really long winded blog and so for the benefit of those still reading and nodding off I’ll leave it at that. (Which I nearly did in a higher class yesterday…lol)